Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) govern your use of the services and products provided by CorpoPal Enterprise (“Company”) as a corporate gift supplier. By accessing or using our services and CorpoPal.com (the “Website”), you agree to be bound by this Agreement.



1.1 Placing Orders: You may place orders for corporate gifts through our e-mail, or any other agreed-upon methods. Orders made through the Company are bound by strict SOPs based on best practices within the industry, including but not limited to a requirement of the approval of issued quotation(s) by authorised person(s) within your company, approval of issued artwork(s) by authorised person(s) within your company, and issuance of Purchase Order (“PO”) by authorised person(s) or department(s) within your company. Orders are considered to be confirmed upon receiving the above documentations via e-mail.

1.2 Payment: Payment terms and methods are stated on the Website, and will be communicated to you again upon the issuance of quotation(s). Acceptance of PO/ 50% deposit upon approval of the aforementioned documents is at the sole discretion of the Company. Acceptance of payment terms are not absolute throughout the duration of business with the Company, and is subject to change for subsequent order(s).

1.3 Pricing and Changes: While the Company strives to maintain accurate pricing, there may be instances of typographical errors or changes in pricing. In such cases, the Company will immediately notify you and provide you with the opportunity to cancel or to modify your order(s).

1.4 Payment Processing: Payment(s) are to be made to the Company within a maximum duration of two(2) months from the date of invoice issuance.



2.1 Availability: The Company makes every effort to keep corporate gifts listed on its Website in stock. Product availability is however, subject to market factors, including but not limited to government policies, international conditions, product supply and demand, and/ or seasonal fluctuations. In the event that a product listed on the Company’s Website becomes unavailable upon enquiry, the Company will propose for similar alternatives in lieu of your requested items, whose acceptance is at your full discretion.

2.2 Product Variations: Due to variations in materials, colours, or finishing, the actual appearance of corporate gifts may differ slightly from images displayed on our website and/ or promotional materials. The Company will however, practice due diligence to the best of its abilities in the sourcing of its product(s) and in the printing of its products(s) based upon the latest copy of your approved Corporate Identity Guideline (“CI”) with close guidance from your authorised person(s).

2.3 Samples: In the event that a sample of your requested product(s) is unavailable or requires reasonable timeline to procure, the Company will notify you upon enquiry for the said product(s). With respect to your timeline and procedures, the Company may propose for the utilisation of all available tools, including but not limited to photos and videos with generally accepted scale reference(s) whose acceptance are at your sole discretion. Pre-Production Sample(s) (“PPS”) is subject to availability, and may require reasonable timeline to procure depending on the nature of product(s), of which the Company will notify you upon request.



3.1 PO: Production of item(s) will be strictly based on issued PO(s) unless stated otherwise. Amendments differing from issued PO(s) will require written confirmation from authorised person(s) within your company, requiring written e-mail confirmation with at least 2 authorised person(s) in the loop, including but not limited to authorised person(s) holding the following positions:

Middle Management: Head of Department/ Senior Vice President/ Senior Manager/ Vice President/ Manager/ Assistant Vice President/ Assistant Manager

Lower Management: Senior Associate/ Senior Executive/ Associate/ Executive (Confirmation e-mail CC’d to their respective supervisors)

3.2 PPS Amendments: Upon PPS delivery/ inspection, and depending on printing method(s), charges incurred for amendments will be chargeable to your company. New artwork will be issued to your authorised person(s), which will require another sign-off prior to mass production.

3.3 Artwork: Amendments to signed-off artwork will be communicated via e-mail, upon which a new artwork will be issued for sign-off. The previously signed-off artwork will be deemed null and void and will be communicated via e-mail to your authorised person(s).



4.1 Lead Time: While the Company is able to provide an estimated timeframe for deliveries, delays are probable from issues beyond the Company’s control including but not limited to, shipping or delivery issues, political unrest, disasters, accidents, etc. In the event of unavoidable delays due to uncontrollable circumstances beyond the stipulated timeline, the Company will proceed to negotiate compensation plans with your company.

4.2 Inventory Mismatch: The Company will replace any shortages for delivered items as per the agreed quantity of items within the approved PO.



5.1 Warranty: Warranties for products and service provided by the Company are on a limited basis and is solely for defects in materials or workmanship of the product(s) provided.

5.2 Warranty Period: The warranty period of delivered items is one(1) month from the signing of Delivery Orders (“DO”). The Terms and Conditions stipulated under the warranties section will not be applicable should there be any misuse or neglect of the Company’s products.



6.1 Delivery of Items: Delivered items are considered to be in good order upon DO signing in terms of quantity and quality, barring any replacements for small quantities of items (<10) which may be faulty (electronic items), and defective (torn product/ faulty zippers etc.).

6.2 Non-Acceptance of Delivered Items: You reserve the right to reject the delivery of items provided that there is adequate justification/ mismatch between the specifications of delivered items and issued PO. For unjustifiable rejection of orders despite having met the requirements and specifications stated in the PO, the Company will explore legal avenues to recover losses incurred, and disputes will be resolved by Malaysian courts.



7.1 Accuracy of Information: The Company makes every effort to accurately describe the corporate gifts on its Website, including their specifications, features, materials and colours. However, the Company does not warrant that the product descriptions or other content on our website are error-free or current. You are to contact the Company’s representatives to ensure that product information and details are current and accurate.

7.2 Product Customisation: The Company offers customisation options for corporate gifts, and instructions provided by your party will be deemed to be accurate, lawful, and not infringe upon any third-party rights. The Company will not be held liable for any legal repercussions from the reproduction and/ or customisation of corporate gifts.



8.1 Ownership: The intellectual property rights, including trademarks and copyrights associated with the corporate gifts provided by the Company remains the property of the respective owners. The Company agree to not use, reproduce, modify, or distribute any intellectual property without obtaining prior written permission from the owner(s).

8.2 Reputation Risk: The Company shall not be held liable for the distribution of its products bearing the trademark of its respective owners which may result in reputational damage. Complete ownership of the Company’s products are deemed to have been transferred to trademark owners upon delivery.

8.3 Artwork: Any artwork(s) provided by the Company during the negotiation phase is a property of the Company, and shall not be used and reproduced for the production of corporate gifts by other corporate gift suppliers within the industry.



9.1 Product Usage: You are solely responsible for ensuring that the use of any corporate gifts purchased from the Company complies with applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. The Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages from the misuse or improper use of the corporate gifts and/ or its packaging resulting in injury or death.

9.2 Political Association: The Company maintains its neutral viewpoint of political views. Production of items which are political in nature are considered incidental and not a reflection of the Company’s political views.

9.3 Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold the Company, its affiliates, and employees harmless from any claims, liabilities, costs, or expenses arising out of your use of the corporate gifts or any breach of this Agreement, including but not limited to any claims of intellectual property infringement.



10.1 Confidential Information: Any information disclosed to you by the Company, including pricing, product details, and business operations, shall be treated as confidential and used solely for the purpose of conducting business with the Company. You agree not to disclose or use any confidential information for personal or competitive advantage.

10.2 Exceptions: The obligation of confidentiality does not apply to information that: (a) becomes publicly available through no fault of your own; (b) was rightfully known to you prior to disclosure by the Company; (c) is independently developed by you without reference to the Company’s confidential information; or (d) is required to be disclosed by law or court order.



11.1 Termination Rights: Termination of order post PO issuance are allowable, providing that full payment be made according to the pricing stipulated within the issued PO and quotation(s). In the event of termination, any outstanding obligations or liabilities shall be settled according to the terms of this Agreement.



12.1 Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Company regarding the provision of corporate gifts and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether written or oral.

12.2 Amendments: Amendments can and will be made to the Company’s Terms and Conditions without prior notice. It is advisable for you to visit the Company’s Terms and Conditions page contained within its Website to verify if any amendments have been made.

12.3 By engaging in business with the Company as a corporate gift supplier, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you have any questions or concerns about this Agreement, please contact us at sales@corpopal.com.


Last Updated: 12/06/2023