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On the Road to Becoming Malaysia’s
Leading Authority on PR and Branding

At CorpoPal, we aspire to be Malaysia’s leading authority in PR and Branding practices by providing relevant content, in-depth knowledge, and insights into the latest industry trends.

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For Branding Practitioners
CorpoPal – The Corporate Gift Company is a supplier of high-quality, customised corporate gifts for businesses of all sizes. Our goal is to help our customers strengthen their relationships with stakeholders through internal and external initiatives.

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For Avid Learners in PR and Branding
CorpoPal Library is a resource database for the latest tips, trends, and insights into the PR and Branding industry. Made by PR practitioners for PR practitioners.



To help our customers strengthen their relationships with stakeholders, ensuring optimum outreach through PR and Branding best practices, and being committed to transparency at every level of communication with our stakeholders.


To be the leading authority for the PR and Branding industry in Malaysia by providing relevant content, detailed instructions, and insights in line with the latest PR and Branding trends.


To streamline PR and Branding information in Malaysia by providing knowledge support for practitioners within relevant industries.